Styler - with Smart wi-fi Enabled Steam Clothing Care System

Model # S3MFBN

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Product Details

  • Reduce Wrinkles LG Styler's deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers reduce wrinkles in your clothes. It's the easy way to look fresh and extend the appearance of your clothing between dry cleanings.
  • Vanquish Odors with the Gentle Power of Steam The LG Styler's TrueSteam® technology reduces the odors that cling to fabrics, knitwear and even delicates. You'll effortlessly make odors from smoke, sweat and food a thing of the past.
  • Sanitize Clothes, Toys and More The Sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam® helps reduce allergens in clothes, bedding, sportswear—even your children's plush toys. LG Styler can help sanitize the fabrics in your home easily.
  • SmartThinQ® and Remote Control LG Wi-Fi Styler has SmartThinQ® and remote control technology. LG Styler can be started or monitored any place any time using a smartphone. You can know when the cycle is finished, download new cycles, quickly troubleshoot any minor issues via smart diagnosis, and check energy usage.
  • Gently Dry Delicates LG Styler's low temperature drying system dries clothing and delicates you normally dry on a rack much faster than air drying.
  • Keep Pants Looking Crisp The LG Styler includes a special compartment in the door that helps restore the crease while reducing wrinkles at the knee, waist and everywhere else your pants can wrinkle.
  • Tested. Approved. After independent testing in accredited laboratories, LG Styler has been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. That means it is scientifically proven to be better suited for the 1 out of 5 Americans with asthma and allergies.

Convenience features -

Portable Water Fill Container (no hose needed) : Yes

Portable Water Drainage Container (no hose needed) : Yes

Versatile Rack : Yes

Aroma Kit : Yes (sheets sold separately)

Pants Crease Care : Yes

Moving Hanger : 3 clothes


Dimensions (WxHxD) : 17 ½” X 72 3/4” x 23”

Carton Dimensions (WxHxD) : 21" x 72 4/5" x 26"

Weight : 183 lbs

Shipping Weight : 207 lbs

Clearances : 2" Side/Back, 7 3/4" Top


Accessories : 2 Hangers, 1 Pants Hanger, 1 Shelf, 1 Drip Tray, 1 Anti-Tip Kit, 2 Rear Leveling Feet, 4 Carpet Install Spikes

Fabric Care

Fabric Care : Cotton, Linen, Wool, Silk, Rayon / Acetate / Polyester, Nylon, Denim / Surah / Gabardine, Velvet (Silk) / Plush (Silk, Longer Nap Than Velvet)

Estimated Cycle Times (minutes) - Refresh (Light/Normal/Heavy) : 20/48/67 min.

Estimated Cycle Times (minutes) - Sanitary (Normal/Heavy) : 88/103 min.

Estimated Cycle Times (minutes) - Gentle Dry (Normal/Delicates/Time Dry) : 120/150/30-150 min.

Estimated Cycle Times (minutes) - Special Care (Downloaded) : 10 min.


Capacity : 11.5 lb (5.2kg) / 3 Items + 1 (Pants)

Touch Control Hidden Display : Yes

TrueSteam® : Yes

Heat-Pump System (Inverter) : Yes

Gentle Dry : Yes

Sound : On/Off

Reversible Door : Yes

Interior Lights : 3 LED (2 White, 1 Blue)

Power Source

Ratings : CSA Listed

Electrical Requirements : 120V, 10 Amps/Electric, 60 Hz

Watts : 1,500

Type : Electric


Remote Control : Yes

Energy Monitoring : Yes

Black Box : Yes

SmartDiagnosis™ : Yes

Download Course : Yes

One Touch : Yes


Limited Warranty : 2 Year Parts and Labor (In Home Service), 10 Year Smart Inverter Compressor

Extended warranties can save you hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. You can contact us, or visit our store for additional details.

Let our team co-ordinate professional delivery and installation on your new purchase. Some restrictions may apply.

LG Model # S3MFBN

Styler - with Smart wi-fi Enabled Steam Clothing Care System